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OSHA Standards for Handling Propane


If you spend any time at all in an industrial facility, you are well-acquainted with the standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known more commonly as OSHA. Since its founding in 1971, OSHA has established workplace safety standards and reduced the number of

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Propane for Agribusiness

Propane on Farm

Farming is big business. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is ignoring the facts – American farms produce 46% of the world’s soybeans, 41% of the world’s corn, 20.5% of the world’s cotton, and 13% of the world’s wheat.  One in every three acres is planted

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Summer Fire Safety With Propane

Propane Summer

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast… Summer lovin’, happened so fast…” There are so many things to love about summer, and grilling is one of the big ones. But if you don’t take the proper precautions with your propane grill, the blast you have might not be

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How Much Propane Do My Appliances Use?

Propane Gas Stove Light

If you run your home on propane, you might be wondering about the usage rates of the various appliances hooked up to your system. Depending on the size of your home, you may be using a 250-gallon, 500-gallon, or 1000-gallon propane tank. How long that tank will

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Grilling With Propane

Grilling with Propane

Now that we’ve gotten through another winter, many of us can’t wait to get outside and start enjoying the warm weather. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for a variety of outdoor activities, and a favorite activity for many is grilling out.  If you’re using propane

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Factors That Affect Propane Prices

Propane Pricing

With the recent yo-yoing of prices at the gas pump, you might be wondering – do gas prices have any effect on the price I pay for propane? Can I expect to pay less for propane since I’m paying less at the pump? The price of crude

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Common Questions About Heating With Propane

Lingas Propane Heating

Aren’t propane and natural gas the same thing? No. Natural gas, as its name implies, is a naturally-occurring gas that is used as a fuel source. Propane is a component of this gas, along with butane, ethane, and methane, the latter of which composes the largest percentage

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Changing Propane Suppliers? Here’s How

LinGas Tank

“Do I need to wait until my tank is empty before I can switch to Lin-Gas propane?” It’s a question we field frequently from potential customers, particularly as the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter. No one wants to be caught unprepared to face chilly

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Where Does Propane Come From?

Propane Distribution

Consider the sausage on your breakfast plate. Do you know where it comes from? If you’re feeling particularly quick-witted you might answer, “from the grocery store,” but prior to putting it into your cart at the grocery store, do you know where it came from? Maybe this

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