Monthly archive for April 2016

Why More School Districts Should Consider Switching to Propane for Their Buses

Although the natural gas industry has seen a variety of trends in the six decades since Lin-Gas Propane Service was first founded, use of propane fuel is on the rise, a direction school districts would be wise to note. According to a recent piece from the appropriately […]

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The Many Uses of Propane — What is it Used For, Outside of the Home?

When most people think of propane, they probably start to think about barbecue. People might be prone to seeing white propane tanks outside of some homes, but have probably given little thought to what sort of other functions the gas may have, or how much use a […]

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Propane Tanks — How They Work and Why They Are Completely Safe

People have a lot of questions about propane fuel. There are news stories every now and again about a tank of propane bursting, or something catching fire due to an ignition linked, at least partially, to nearby propane equipment. Consequently, people become understandably just a bit curious […]

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