With the polar vortex in full force, it is likely that you have jacked up your thermostat recently to enjoy a comfortable, toasty home. But although we all want to keep warm, an overwhelming number of people make elementary mistakes when it comes to home heating.

Even if it goes against your intuition, proper heating practices are very important for the safety of your home as well as your wallet. Here are six “dos and don’ts” about home heating.

  1. Don’t use improper heating equipment. When the temperatures plummet, some people will go to desperate measures to stay warm. That is why every winter, fire departments around the country respond to calls from people who tried to use portable generators, outdoor heaters, and even charcoal grills to warm up their homes. Not only is this ineffective, it could be dangerous or even deadly. These heat sources are fire hazards that fill the home with deadly carbon monoxide. That is why the propane we sell includes ethyl mercaptin so that a propane leak that may occur is more easily detected.
  2. Don’t throw another log on the fire. There is a reason most homeowners have already made the switch to a propane fireplace. Not only are these fireplaces safer, but they are virtually maintenance free. If you are still using a traditional fireplace, be sure to clear the flue before use and make sure stray sparks and embers do not set the Christmas tree ablaze.
  3. Do heat your home with propane. Propane is not just a clean-burning fuel, it is also one of the most cost efficient fuel options on the market today. Even better, around 90% of the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically, while 7% is produced in Canada and Mexico. Propane is made from both the refining of crude oil as well as through natural gas processing, which means you are supporting American energy jobs every time you adjust the thermostat. That being said…
  4. Don’t crank your thermostat to heat your home faster. No matter how high the temperature on your thermostat is set, that does not affect the physical amount of heat coming through your heating vents. Instead of cranking up the heat every time you feel a chill, gradually raise the temperature until you feel comfortable.
  5. Don’t let kids use a thermostat. Kids do not know how heating works, but they do know that the thermostat makes the temperature go up and down. When kids play with the thermostat, they are likely to crank it way up or down without a second thought. To avoid risking a high energy bill or a burnt out heating system, establish an adults-only thermostat policy.
  6. Do take advantage of curtains and blinds. If you open the blinds and curtains during the daytime, sunlight will pour in, heating the home naturally and reducing the need for heat. At night, close the curtains and blinds to create an extra layer of insulation.

Lin-Gas is the propane company that will tell it to you straight: there is a wrong way to heat a home. Contact us today to talk more about the benefits of residential propane services, LG-70 propane additives, and why you should make the switch today.