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Lin-Gas Propane Service

History of a Hometown Company

propane_tankLin-gas, Inc. started like a lot of small, family-owned businesses, meeting a customer demand for a cleaner, more efficient fuel for heating and cooking. In 1946, Charles Link, Sr. began selling filled cylinders of propane at his hardware store in Rockport, IN. It was just after World War II and EVERYTHING was in short supply, so the hardware store was a popular place. People were discovering the convenience of propane and switching from the use of kerosene and coal.

The propane industry was in its infancy. Even finding steel propane cylinders to fill after WW II was a difficult task. Propane was supplied from a refinery on the South side of Chicago. So, Ike Jones, who had just started working for Lin-gas after returning from military service, would drive a stake bed truck to Chicago with empty cylinders, fill them and then return to Rockport. Ike spent over 35 years building Lin-gas, Inc., before he retired.

A Propane Company Grows Up

In 1948, Mr. Link built his first propane bulk plant in Evansville, IN. It was a struggle to convince a bank to loan the funds to install that first big storage tank, but he did and Win Shrode, a Lin-gas employee with some engineering background, supervised the construction of that plant and Lin-gas grew from there. The first sub dealer was Snap Quante in Ferdinand, IN. Mr. Quante and his wife Henrietta were a joy. Mr. Link would often visit him during his grape harvest and drink concord wine from a Mason jar on the back porch while discussing business. Both of Mr. Link’s sons were introduced to the fermented grape at the Quantes. It’s amazing how sons get an education from their parents.

Lin-Gas Expands to Multiple Area Locations

Lin-gas now has locations in Bicknell, Indiana; Princeton, Indiana; Dale, Indiana; Evansville, Indiana; Henderson, Kentucky; Elkton, Kentucky; and Livermore, Kentucky. In addition, there are satellite plants, one in Kentucky and Indiana.

The Link family still owns and is actively involved in the daily operations of the Company. We understand the responsibility we have to our customers and the people who have built the Company during the last half-century.

Today’s Advanced Propane Technology

The Propane industry and technology has changed significantly and customer demands have become more individualized. Today’s customers demand service that is available whenever they need it. They want
sophisticated price protection, high purity propane that includes the filtration and injection of additives used with the motor fuel for forklifts to insure the absolute lowest emissions. Lin-Gas has introduced
tank monitors (such as the WatchDog) and a fuel use forecasting system to keep our customers from running out of propane. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with state of the art routing and tracking systems with computerized metering and cylinder tracking. None of this technology means much without the experienced, safety certified Lin-Gas personnel who utilize these systems and make certain your propane fuel is delivered on schedule.

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