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Tips for Grilling with Propane

With summer in full swing, grilling season is upon us! As you fire up your grill for cookouts and parties with friends and family this season, here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for grilling with propane. Make Sure you are Using the Correct Temperature One of the many benefits of grilling […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Propane 

It’s no secret that heating your home takes a lot of energy. The good news is that there are more options than before on ways to heat your home. More than 9 million homes use propane around their home for things like their furnaces, water heaters, outdoor grills, generators and other household appliances. Propane is […]

10 Winter Weather Gas Safety Tips

Simple steps can make a big difference when winter weather produces obstacles to delivering fuel to your customers. Sending them reminders such as keeping the path clear to their propane tank, allowing proper ventilation, and being aware of their propane usage can go a long way to ensuring your customers’ safety and a better season […]

Propane Safety For High Snowfall

Accumulated snow and ice have the potential to damage your propane system. While you can’t predict the weather, you can take measures to plan for them. Winters in high snowfall areas can produce some of the most magnificent scenery, but they can also be the most challenging. Accumulated snow and ice have the potential to […]

Propane Powered Generators for Emergency Preparedness

According to Matthew Stein, who authored When Disaster Strikes, a guidebook for emergency planning, “Everyone should have at least one small, backup generator on hand to provide power for short-term emergencies and power outages.” This is important for both your safety and your comfort. Having a propane powered generator ready to go when disaster strikes […]

Cost Effective Residential Propane Upgrades for Homeowners

Did you know that residential buildings including single family homes, town houses, condominiums, and apartments make up approximately 20% of energy consumption within the United States? This residential energy consumption is not only a cause of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and environmental concerns but is also a major expense for households across the country. In […]

Three Reasons to Power Your Construction Site with Propane

If you are in the construction industry, you are familiar with the need for a consistent and reliable power source for your crew. This is especially important when working on a site that is not yet connected to an established electrical grid. When it comes to keeping your construction projects on schedule, no power source […]

Benefits of Choosing a Propane Water Heater

According the the U.S. Department of Energy, water heating is the second largest homeowner expense — making up approximately 14-18 percent of the average household’s utility bills. In fact, the average American family spends anywhere from $400 to $600 on water heating alone each year. If you are ready to cut down on water heating […]

Using Propane to Fuel Outdoor Fun This Spring

Winter is finally over, and the long, warm days of spring are here to stay. As you spend more time outdoors this season, propane is an excellent fuel for transforming your backyard into a comfortable outdoor living space for friends and family. You may think propane can only be used for powering your grill, but […]