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Fill Your Propane Tank Early to Avoid Extreme Price Fluctuations

Lingas Fill Propane Tank

If you haven’t filled your propane tank in advance of cold weather, time is running out. Because the weather in early fall can be pleasant, it can lull you into a false sense of security about the coming winter. Make no mistake, cold weather is coming, and […]

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A Typical Morning at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

Fall Festival Propane The next time you enjoy a basket of Pronto Pups or a funnel cake at the West Side Nut Club’s annual Fall Festival, you can rest assured that Lin-Gas helped to keep your taste buds happy. Lin-Gas employees put in long hours to assure […]

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Lin-Gas Supports the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

Fall Festival Evansville Propane

Every October, Evansville’s west side is transformed into a festival food-lovers paradise as Franklin Street welcomes the annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. As a major fundraising activity for numerous churches, civic organizations, and charities in the Tri-State area, the Fall Festival boasts over 126 food […]

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The Advantages of Propane Forklifts

Propane Forklift Lin-Gas

Enter any industrial facility or warehouse in the United States, and chances are you’ll see propane forklifts in use. In fact, more than 670,000 propane-powered forklifts are in use in industrial, manufacturing, and construction businesses all over the country. These companies understand that propane offers several distinct […]

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Save Money on Energy Costs With These Home Upgrades

Have you started thinking about winter yet? It might be hard to imagine ice and snow and cold winds when it’s sunny and warm outside, but winter is on its way and with it, the potential for higher energy costs. Fortunately, you still have plenty of time […]

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Can I Repair or Modify My Propane System Myself?

Lingas Customer Repair

In an era of do-it-yourself videos online and big box home improvement stores that sell just about anything you need for home repairs, many homeowners feel that nothing is off limits in a quest to save money on repairs. However, repairing or making changes to a propane […]

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What a First Time Propane User Needs to Know

Lin Gas Tank

If you’ve never lived in a home that uses propane for heating and cooking, you may be unsure about the safety and reliability of your propane tank. Propane is among the safest energy sources available, and a first-time user can easily adapt to using propane. If you are […]

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Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

Propane Tank Lego Head

Large or small, a propane tank can sometimes be an obvious addition to a home’s landscape. It’s only natural that a homeowner would want his landscape to be attractive, and a propane tank can seem quite an obstacle in this instance. Because of this, one question we […]

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EZ Pay – Helping to Balance Your Propane Budget

Lin Gas EZ Pay

If there is anything a harsher-than-normal winter teaches us, it’s that you don’t want to be caught running low on propane. An extended period of cold weather, combined with supply issues, made the winter of 2013-14 uncomfortable for some propane users, particularly when faced with premium pricing […]

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Should I Buy or Rent a Propane Tank?

Buy or Rent Propane LinGas

For some homeowners, the decision to buy or rent a propane tank can be a difficult one. Depending on your situation, either option could make sense for your needs. It pays to examine the particulars and benefits of both options. If You Rent: Many propane companies have […]

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