Benefits of Choosing a Propane Water Heater

Shower Head with Running Water

According the the U.S. Department of Energy, water heating is the second largest homeowner expense — making up approximately 14-18 percent of the average household’s utility bills. In fact, the average American family spends anywhere from $400 to $600 on water heating alone each year.

If you are ready to cut down on water heating costs and opt for a better performing system that is environmentally-friendly, it may be time to make the switch to a propane water heater.

Propane water heaters are available in both tank and tankless models — each of which have different benefits over electric and oil models — depending on your family’s needs.

Here are three of the top reasons that either of these propane water heater models is the right choice for your household.

1. More Efficient

If you opt for a storage tank propane heater, you will save space with a smaller tank that out performs its larger electric counterpart. In fact, a 40-gallon propane option will provide your household with the same supply of hot water as a larger 50-gallon electric model.

Unlike traditional water heaters that rely on electricity, propane tankless water heaters provide your home with an endless hot water supply that is heated as you use it—ensuring your hot shower is never cut short. These models heat water only as it is needed for a more efficient hot water supply that can power multiple appliances at once. Even better, their tankless construction can save you anywhere from nine to 16 square feet of storage space!

2. Save Money

Making the switch to a propane water heater is guaranteed to save you money on utilities. The savings will vary depending on the model you choose. Propane storage tank water heaters save the average household 13 to 20 percent on energy costs each year when compared with electric or oil options. Meanwhile, tankless options save the average family over $150 dollars annually when compared to electric options.

3. Cut Down Your Carbon Footprint

Since much of the electricity used to power electric water heaters comes from coal power, choosing a propane-powered option is a much better option for the environment. In fact, making the switch to propane water heating models can your household’s carbon dioxide emissions by 35 to 60 percent, depending on the option that you choose.

Propane storage tank options have been shown to reduce emissions by 1,700 pounds annually when compared to electric models, while tankless options have been shown to produce about half the amount of emissions as electric models.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Ready to make the switch to a more efficient, environmentally-friendly, money saving water heating option? Propane may be the right choice for your household. If you want to learn more about residential propane services in Henderson, Elkton, Owensboro, Bicknell, Dale, or the surrounding areas, our family owned and operated business is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how switching to propane can save you money, while supplying your household with an endless supply of hot water.