Propane Service for Clarksville, TN

Since 2003, Lin-gas has been serving Clarksville and its surrounding area from our bulk propane plant in Elkton, KY.

No matter what propane services you may require, Lin-gas is here 24/7 to provide your residence, commercial business or construction site with safe and efficient propane tanks. Some of our energy-saving services for Clarksville and its neighboring cities:

Commercial & Industrial Propane Services: No matter what your business, keep it running efficiently with propane from Lin-gas. We have been providing businesses with safe and cost-effective propane services for almost two decades! We know that business needs have changed throughout the years and our facility in Elkton lets us create customized and one-of-a-kind energy plans that fit the unique needs of local businesses.

Construction Propane Services: When you are on-site, you need a consistent, reliable and safe energy supply. The Lin-gas team has been working with construction companies for years, and we understand the specific propane requirements that you have. Lin-gas provides liquid-withdrawal propane for roofing and other heating applications. We also have 125-gallon tanks to satisfy your on-site heating needs. We have a variety of cylinder sizes for use on forklifts and scissor lifts at your construction site.  Safety is one of our top priorities and each and every one of our cylinders have collars and markings complying with industry standards.

Residential Propane Services: Keep your home heated and powered in the most energy-efficient and cost-saving manner with propane for your home. Our experienced team will personalize a plan for your household’s specific energy needs. As a Lin-Gas customer you never need to worry about running out of propane thanks to our tank monitors that track your usage.

We have been serving Clarksville, TN and the surrounding areas for years.   Let us continue to bring you the highest-quality propane and safety-certified service to you and your business.

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To get in touch with us directly call our toll free number 1-800-850-4380 or contact one of our many Lin-Gas locations today.