Propane Service for Hopkinsville, KY

Our Lin-gas plant location in Elkton has been providing our propane services to Hopkinsville, KY and the surrounding area for over 20 years. The Elkton facility allows Lin-gas to provide services to several cities in the surrounding area, including:

  • Hopkinsville
  • Madisonville
  • Clarksville
  • Springfield
  • Bowling Green
  • Goodlettsville
  • Portland
  • Russellville
  • Franklin

This local facility serves Hopkinsville/Clarksville and its neighboring cities with 24/7 service and custom-made propane energy plans for your residential, commercial and industrial operations, detailed below:

Residential Propane Service: We know that cutting energy costs and saving money are top priorities for your household, and our propane services are an excellent way to provide energy-efficient power to your home, while reducing your family’s energy costs. An experienced Lin-gas team member can help you customize a plan that works for your family’s needs including heating, powering indoor and outdoor appliances, water heating and more.

Construction Propane Service: Lin-gas has been in the propane business for over 70 years, and we know that your construction and roofing projects require one-of-a-kind services, like liquid-withdrawal cylinders, cylinders in the size appropriate to your use (100#, 20#, 30#, 33# forklift and scissor lift cylinders) and all are in compliance with DOT, OSHA and the industry-specific safety standards including collars and required markings.

Commercial & Industrial Propane Service: We have been powering Kentucky businesses for over 35 years with our energy-saving propane services. Propane is not only an excellent way to extend the life of your heavy-duty equipment, by minimizing damaging energy deposits, but it is also an easy way to cut your business costs. Our propane cylinders are a versatile and safe source of power for all of your commercial requirements

If you live in or near Hopkinsville, KY or Clarksville, TN, let our Elkton location serve your residential and business needs with our safe, energy-efficient and cost-saving propane services. We are here 24/7 to customize a plan for your specific needs.

Want to learn More about Propane? Visit our Propane Resources section.

To get in touch with us directly call our toll free number 1-800-850-4380 or contact one of our many Lin-Gas locations today.