Residential Propane Service

Lin-Gas Propane to Power all your Residential Needs

Lin-Gas, Inc offers a wide assortment of Propane products and services including heating and cooling homes, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, barbecuing, lighting, and relaxing in front of the gas fireplace.

Residential Propane Tanks

Benefits for Residential Propane Customers

Propane provides an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient fuel for powering all of your residential needs, such as follows:

  • Heating Your Home – Propane or natural gas furnaces will not only improve efficiency and reduce energy costs, but they are also typically preferred over their electric counterparts because of the quality conditioning they provide. Offering flexibility in design because they can be vented either vertically or horizontally, a propane furnace will also heat air up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump. Because of its transportability, propane-fueled patio heaters can offer homeowners hundreds of additional square feet of usable outdoor living space.
  • Water Heating – The most modern technology in water heating is the tankless (or hybrid) water heater. Propane tankless water heaters can reduce energy costs by as much as 60% and operate at up to 98% efficiency. A typical tankless water heater will last 5 to 10 years longer and save 12-16 square feet of floor space relative to the standard 50-gallon electric water heater.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Appliances – Chefs demand it and homeowners deserve it. According to the American Gas Association, 96% of chefs prefer cooking with gas. Providing better heat control and more even heat distribution, instant on and off gas burners allow cooking to start immediately and cool quickly thus improving safety.
    Pool and Spa Heating – Propane pools and spa heaters can bring water to the desired temperature more quickly and efficiently than an electric heater.
  • Fireplaces and Log Inserts – The convenience of flipping a switch or clicking a remote to turn that cozy fire on and off is causing more homeowners to choose a propane-fueled fireplace with log inserts. Offering a virtually maintenance-free fireplace and a design flexibility of direct venting, the propane-fueled fireplace will also provide the function of efficiently heating the room.

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