Tank Installation

Location Guidelines For Propane Tank Installation & Placement

The location of the propane container is important. Specific rules about the placement of LP Gas containers can be found in the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 58. There are standards for ASME above ground containers, ASME underground containers, and DOT cylinders.

One of the most important dimensions given is the distance to a source of ignition. In most cases, this should be at least 10 feet. Verify that the containers you inspect are properly located in accordance with NFPA-58. Also verify that the container location is accessible for safe filling from the bulk delivery truck.

The diagram below represents a typical aboveground ASME container installation per NFPA Pamphlet 58.
(This figure is for illustrative purposes only; code shall govern.)

Propane Tank Setbacks

The container should be resting on a firm, non-combustible foundation, and cleared of weeds and grass from under or around the container.

Be sure to check with your local fire and building authorities for additional installation requirements.

Consult with your local Lin-gas Propane office for complete details on location and tank setbacks.

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