Lin-gas has been powering Jasper and its neighboring cities in Southwestern Indiana from our Dale, IN plant for almost 50 years. Our propane service from our Dale plant will allow us to bring the businesses and residences of Jasper and its neighboring towns the propane services that you trust, with the improved and individualized, 24/7 services that you require. Nearby cities also served by our Dale location includes:

  • Velpen
  • Huntingburg
  • Bretzville
  • Dubois
  • Celestine
  • French Lick and West Baden

The individualized residential, commercial, industrial and construction propane services available to Jasper and the surrounding area are detailed below:

Commercial & Industrial Propane Services: No matter what your business, the Lin-gas team can provide a custom-made energy plan to make your company run more efficiently. Our energy-saving propane services will save your business time and money. Whether you choose to power your material handling equipment with our filtered HD-5 propane or use our forklift cylinder exchange program. Propane provided by Lin-gas for you forklift and scissor lifts is filtered and treated with LN-70 additive you provide the purity and quality required for use in your propane engines. Lin-gas is here to improve your business with our one-of-a-kind propane power solutions.

Construction Propane Services: Construction brings with it a unique set of propane needs, and we are here to help! Our liquid withdrawal cylinders are perfect for roofing and other on-site heat applications requiring this method of withdrawal. Lin-gas can also provide your construction site with 125-gallon “P-I-G” tanks for heating, and the rental of heating equipment for use on your job.. We have a variety of cylinder sizes to use on construction equipment and heating. We know that your site will need 24/7 service, to ensure you never run out of propane, and we are ready and waiting to assist when you need us.

Residential Propane Services: Propane is much more than just an energy-saving source for heating your home. Our money-saving propane services can power indoor and outdoor appliances, heat water, power gas fireplace logs and much more!

Since 1960, Lin-gas has powered Jasper and the surrounding cities of Southwestern Indiana with our innovative propane services. Our Dale plant will serve your unique needs in Jasper and its surrounding cities.

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