If You Aren’t Using Propane for These Household Applications, You Need to Make the Switch

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When you think propane, you might immediately think of gas grills. Sure, that might be the most common use, but did you know how else you can use propane fuel to heat and power your home? Propane serves over 60 million people in the U.S. in many different ways, including more than 1 million commercial establishments. There are countless applications in both commercial and residential spaces, but here are a few of the most popular propane uses in the home that you may want to consider switching to!

Electric stoves and ranges were popular for a short while, but that didn’t last long.  People use gas  instead of electric for many reasons. Cooking with gas offers many benefits aside from the cost; not only is it cheaper, but it can yield better results. Propane fueled ovens give you more precise control over the temperature for more even cooking. Unlike electric ranges, gas stoves ignite immediately — there is no waiting for the burners to warm up! In contrast, gas burners also cool more quickly for a safer kitchen environment when you are done cooking.

Did you know a full 16% of the nation’s 6.3 million homes use propane as their main heating source? Propane fuel is excellent for use in furnaces due to their efficiency and low-cost. Electric furnace models typically cost much more to heat your home than with propane. Once again, propane beats out electric: propane furnaces heat your air much warmer than electric heating systems. Great for people who live in colder climates, this will ensure that you stay warm despite the harshest winter storms.

Clothes Dryer

Many people do not consider using gas in more unconventional applications like in a clothes dryer, but you can substitute your electric model for one that runs on propane fuel. Nearly anything with an electric heating element can be fueled by natural, safe, non-toxic propane. The moist heat of propane is less likely to discolor or burn fabrics as compared to their electric counterparts. In almost every instance, gas powered appliances are more energy efficient and cost less to operate; clothes dryers are no exception. Save money on electrical costs by switching to propane-fueled dryers. You get faster drying times and more precise temperatures for a fraction of the cost.

Propane can be used for really any appliance that requires a heating element such as heating water, cooking, barbecuing, or even refrigerating! OK, so a propane toaster isn’t one of them.  We recommend you stay with electricity for that.

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