Three Reasons to Power Your Construction Site with Propane

If you are in the construction industry, you are familiar with the need for a consistent and reliable power source for your crew. This is especially important when working on a site that is not yet connected to an established electrical grid.

When it comes to keeping your construction projects on schedule, no power source rivals propane for providing efficient, affordable, and reliable power to your site. Propane has many potential applications for powering your construction projects, with uses including power generation, site heating, hybrid lighting, and fuel for machinery used in flooring, roofing and other specialties.

Below we will detail three of the top reasons those in the construction industry turn to propane time and time again for an effective power source that gets the job done.

1. Heating

There are many reasons that a reliable heat source, like a propane heater, is critical to construction sites during the winter months. One of the top benefits of portable propane heaters is that they keep your worksite comfortable during even the coldest days. Keeping your crew warm and comfortable despite the elements will result in improved morale as well as a better work flow. Additionally, there are regulations in many states that require workers have access to heat on construction sites when the temperature dips below certain temperatures.

Aside from keeping you and your team comfortable and healthy through the winter months, propane heaters are also critical in maintaining warm temperatures that are needed in order to perform certain tasks in the building process. Some of these tasks that require warmer temperatures include drywalling, painting, and the installation of certain materials. Instead of letting a dip in temperatures derail your schedule, the consistent and reliable heat provided by propane heaters will keep your team on track, no matter how frightful the weather outside may be.

2. Generators

Propane generators are an excellent solution for construction crews working on sites that are not yet hooked up to the electrical grid. These portable generators may look small, but they can fuel every aspect of your site including your most powerful tools—no matter how long your days may be.

Portable propane powered generators are also easy to use and easy to store thanks to their compact nature. Even better, propane provides an affordable and effective alternative to gasoline powered generators that are often unreliable, unstable, and can result in spillage during the refueling process.

3. Lighting

Hybrid solar/propane lighting installations can keep your work site running well past sunset. These lighting towers are powered by solar panels but include an onboard backup system powered by propane that will keep your worksite well lit, even when the panels are not generating power. This lighting system is not only extremely effective but is also a cost-effective choice compared to diesel powered lighting systems. In fact, studies show that making the switch from diesel-powered lighting to solar/propane hybrid systems resulted in approximately $5,800 in annual savings for systems running 70 hours a week.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider powering your construction site with propane. To learn more about the many benefits of making the switch to propane, contact us today at one of our convenient locations serving Henderson, KY, Bicknell, IN, Livermore, KY, Elkton, KY, Evansville, IN, Dale, IN and the surrounding area.